Gy6 150cc engine oil type

Oil Change Guide 50-150cc Chinese GY6. Share Thread. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; MySpace; Email; Go to. Previous Thread; … Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by Fox on Jul 27, 2012 19:53:27 GMT -5. OIL CHANGE The engine oil should be changed after the first 300 miles and then changed every 700-800 miles thereafter. I change mine when it starts …

FAQ gy6 150cc engine oil type

What oil for Chinese 150cc GY6?

oil for chinese 150cc GY6? Typically engine oil is conventional 15W-40 . . perhaps 20W-50 in Las Vegas or Phoenix summers. 80W-90 in rear gearbox . . use plastic drinking straw extension. Synthetics enhance leak odds. Awesome, thank you!

What kind of engine does a GY6 125cc 150cc have?

GY6 125cc 150cc (152QMI 157QMJ) Performance Parts The 152QMI (GY6-125) & 157QMJ (GY6-150) (QMI152 QMJ157) is a horizontal, single-cylinder, four stroke, forced air cooled engine. This has a displacement of 149.6cc (157QMJ) has a bore size of 57.4mm and a stroke of 57.8mm. This type-A Honda clone engine has a automatic CTV transmission.

What gear oil do you use in your GY6?

As far as my gear oil, I use Valvoline 75W-90 conventional. I do highly suggest that OP use a synthetic oil since the GY6 is an air cooled engine. A synthetic will help against viscosity breakdown when the engine is hot and will help the oil flow better than conventional oil when the temps are low. Thanks for the input.

What is a GY6 engine?

Originally, it was assembled in 50cc (3.1), 125cc (7.6 cu in), and 150cc (9.2 cu in) engine sizes and could be found in Honda Elite and Spacey motor scooters. But, Honda doesn’t manufacture these so-called "GY6 engines" any longer.

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150cc Motor and Gear Oil Change in 8 minutes / Gy6

Engine and transmission gear oil change in a GY6 150cc Chinese scooter

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