Green Lantern Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Green Lantern Car Wash is a popular choice for car washing in the region. There is often a long line at the door.

However, the employees are quick and efficient in taking care of every customer. The most valuable asset of the carwash is its employees.

They are polite and friendly and take good care of every customer’s vehicle. Green Lantern Car Wash employees are detail-oriented and trained to use the most up-to-date equipment.

This makes sure that every car is thoroughly cleaned and all dirt and grime are completely removed. 

Customers will find it more affordable and convenient to use the car wash through discounts and deals. These factors make Green Lantern Car Wash the most popular car wash in the area.

Green Lantern Car Wash Prices List 


Want Our Best?

The Works $35.00

Outside Wash

Basic (Per One) $8.00
Super (Per One) $12.00
Ultimate (Per One) $16.00
Basic $10.00
Super $14.00

Premium Bay Extras

Tire Shine & Hand Dry $5.00

Car Wash with Green Lantern

In honor of Charlie Walker, the Green Lantern Car Wash chain has changed its name from Charlie’s Car Wash to Charlie’s Car Wash. 

The first location was opened in 1981 and used the same methods as its founder’s other truck washing companies.

The chain still offers car care services, despite the name change. There are three options for Outside Wash: Basic, Underbody Wash, and Hot Air Dry. Super includes a triple foam polish, wheel shiner, and underbody corrosion inhibitor.

Ultimate offers inside cleaning and a 2-day guarantee. The Inside Cleaning packages include Basic (vacuum and seat cleaning, window and mirror cleaning and wipe down), Super (Basic package with the cleaning of the console, dash, and door jambs), and Ultimate (Super package plus inside cleaning and 2-day wash guarantee).

Qwikpass is the best option for customers who need unlimited car washes. Holders can save significant time and money by purchasing the Qwikpass package. A fixed fee allows them to use unlimited washes.

Below are the most recent Green Lantern Car Wash Prices.

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