Ford escape 2008 oil type

All 2008 Ford Escape (Kuga) trims appear to use the same type of oil: 5W/30. Escape 2.3 16V Expand. Acceptable Oil Types. 5W/30. Oil Stats. Engine Code: Duratec-HE. Change Period: 20000 km/ 12 months. Oil Capacity.

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What kind of oil does a Ford Escape take?

The best motor oil for Ford Escape is determined by its vehicle make, year, and engine type. For example, if the car has a 2.5L V6 engine with an automatic transmission it needs 5w-30 synthetic oil while a 3.0L V6 engine with a manual transmission needs 10w-30 conventional oil.

How often should I change the oil on a Ford Escape?

Engine oil change intervals: do not exceed one year or 10,000 miles (16,000 km) 2008-2012 Ford Escape motor oil change 2.5L I4 engine 1,752 Reviews

What kind of oil filter does a Ford truck use?

Choose Genuine Motorcraft Oil Filters or Ford OEM Oil Filters from Ford Parts Center to keep your engine free of contaminants and harmful debris. Motorcraft® Long Life filters are the best option for your Ford vehicle.

How many liters of oil does a Ford F250 have?

Description: F250, f350. 6.7l diesel. 6.7L, 2018-19. 6.7L, 2020-21. Description: Mustang. 5.2l. To 1/24/17. Without supercharger, 2015-16. Description: Ford Parts are the Only parts designed and built to the specific Standards of Ford Motor Company and are the Only parts recommended for… More Info Description: 3.9L. From 10/1/03. Ls8.

How to Change Oil 08-12 Ford Escape

How To: Change the Oil and Filter on a 2008 to 2012 Ford Escape

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