Engine type fired by oil or gasoline

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FAQ engine type fired by oil or gasoline

How do I choose the best engine oil for my engine?

When high sulfur sour gas or landfill gas is in use, the typical natural gas oils available may not sufficiently protect the engine from acid compounds. In these cases, the engine operator may need to shorten oil drains, or select an oil with a higher BN, which will provide a higher level of alkalinity.

What are the different types of natural gas engines?

Natural gas engines are of various designs, including the Caterpillar vertical in-line and V type four-stroke, the two-cycle Cooper Bessemer V type integral with a horizontally opposed reciprocating compressor and the dual crankshaft, vertically opposed, two-stroke engine built by Fairbanks Morse.

What are the different types of engine lubricants?

These lubricants vary with engine design and operating conditions and range from simple uninhibited mineral oils, to medium-to-high ash, alkaline and oxidation inhibited detergent oils, to totally ashless, yet highly detergent types.

What causes oxidation in engine oil?

Oxidation is caused by the reaction of oil with oxygen in combination with such catalysts as copper wear particles, particularly as oil temperatures increase above 200°F (95°C). Oxidation occurs to some degree in all lubricated systems and results in an increase in the oil’s viscosity.

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