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While we are focusing on the cost of wheel alignment at Walmart, we also called local alignment shops and national ones. 

We were surprised to find that prices varied from $40 to $189 for a wheel alignment. This is a $149 difference in alignment prices for the same service.

Although tires and wheels are essential safety components of a car’s body, there’s no reason to spend too much on them. 

Your wheels will point straight forward if all four tires have been properly aligned. The alignment of the tires is adjusted by a mechanic to match the specifications of the original manufacturer.

Below, find a nearby alignment shop.

Walmart Wheel Alignment

History Of Walmart Auto Services

Walmart was established by Sam Walton in the 1960s. Seven years later, the company became a corporation. It began to use its low prices as a unique marketing strategy. 

As we all know, the company saw incredible success in America, growing from one location to more than 11,000 stores around the globe. 

Sam’s Club, as well as a number of other international brands, are some of the brands that Walmart owns.

Walmart is one of the largest businesses in the world and serves over 240 million customers every week. 

Walmart employs 2 million people! Walmart is the largest grocery store in the world, and they also sell electronics, clothing and shoes, furniture, and sporting goods. It’s only natural that Walmart offers products and services for vehicles.

Walmart operates over 2500 service centers across the country, with most of them located in Supercenters. 

These 2500 locations were given a makeover by the superstore and grocery chain Walmart in 2015.

This has allowed the automotive sector to bring in more revenue. The brand brings in nearly 600 billion dollars annually.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Let’s begin with the basics. You’re familiar with this information? Continue scrolling to the section ” Does Walmart do Wheel Alignment?”

Wheel alignment simply means that the wheels have to be aligned. This might seem silly, but the wheels are aligned and point straight ahead.

Yes, it is apparent to the naked eye. It’s true. But, when we get into the finer details and angles of wheels, they can sometimes be a few degrees off. 

They may point slightly in the middle of the car or towards the edges. In a moment, we’ll discuss the reasons why your car might need to have its wheel alignment adjusted.

Wheel alignment can be defined as the adjustment of the angles and directions that your tires point to.

Two methods are used to align wheels.

What Stores Can Do Wheel Alignment?

Car wheel alignment is an essential task in car care. There are many American car care shops. Wheel alignment services cost between $50 and $100.

Visit Mr. Tire to align your car’s wheels for as low as $50. They have locations all over America and specialize in wheel alignments. Their website will allow you to locate a local service center or phone them.

There are also many well-known auto care centers in the United States, such as:

  • Goodyear
  • Sears Auto Center
  • Tire Discounters
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • Big O Tires

Walmart’s Auto Care Centers Also Offer Other Services

This supermarket doesn’t support wheel alignment.

You can instead explore and select from other auto services. Auto Care Centers offer a variety of affordable and convenient services. Services such as TPMS or re-torque can also be provided for free.

Below are some of the current services that Walmart offers, including:

Service Price
Wheels mounting $10/tire
Flat tire repair (tubeless) $15/tire
Wheels rotation $2.50/tire
Lifetime balance and rotation $14/tire
Valve stem installation $3/tire
Road hazard warranty $10/tire
Lugnut replacement $2/tire
Wheels mounting $5/tire

Auto Care Centers also offer services like maintenance and oil changes. For regular maintenance services, fees range from $ 3.50 up to $ 45.

You should note, however, that a non-featured oil service will incur an additional charge.

What Is The Cost Of A Walmart Wheel Alignment Compared To Other Locations In The United States?

It is a good idea to get three estimates from mechanics, shops, or companies before you make any type of mechanical repair.

If you’re interested in having your wheels aligned at Walmart, you can compare the costs with other agencies.

Below is a table that shows the differences in wheel alignment services provided by different agencies compared to Walmart.

Company Service Cost
Walmart Front-wheel alignment $50
Four wheels alignment  $80
Sears Auto Centers Standard wheel alignment $75
One-year alignment plan $95
Lifetime wheel alignment $190
Firestone Complete Auto Care Wheel alignment check Free
Standard wheel alignment $70
Lifetime wheel alignment $160
Goodyear Auto Services Goodyear Wheel alignment check Free
Front end alignment $60
Pep Boys Front-wheel alignment $80
4-wheel alignment  $90
Midas Front end alignment $70
4-wheel alignment  $90
Big O Tires 


Front end tire alignment $80
Standard wheel alignment $70

Walmart’s prices are reasonable, as you may have noticed. You might need to know more about the different contract options, such as one-time alignment or three-year contracts.

Walmart Auto Care Center: How to Deal with an Alignment

You can use the online Store Finder to make an appointment with the Service Care Center for service and wheels changes.

This tool will allow you to find the closest stores. Click the Details button to verify that the store offers an Auto Care Center.

Your local Walmart has an Auto Care Center that can take care of all your car needs. Look for the phone number in the description. Then call them and tell them what services are needed.

You can also buy four wheels at this supermarket and they will give you the option to choose the date during checkout.

Walmart has many questions about its service. You might wonder why tire prices are so low or what materials are used to make the tires. These topics can be viewed in our related posts.

Walmart Wheel Alignment 2022

Walmart Tires – Return Policy And Warranty Information

Walmart’s website states that most tires can be returned to any Walmart store with a tire center.

Walmart stores without tire centers cannot accept returns and can’t send the tires back by mail. Also, Walmart won’t accept any returns on snow tires and tires that have been worn.

Walmart offers $10 per tire a road hazard guarantee. This warranty is only available for tires purchased in-store at Walmart or online at Walmart. 

This warranty covers unexpected road hazards, flat repairs, and replacement of non-repairable tires within the first 25 percent of tread wear.

The standard manufacturer’s warranty should cover your tires. Consumer Reports says that tread-life warranties can be very ineffective and Clark Howard, a money expert, doesn’t recommend buying extended warranties.

You have a 90-day return policy if you aren’t satisfied with your tires. If the tires were delivered directly to your residence, you will need to arrange to have them shipped to a Walmart eligible location.

More information about Walmart’s online tire return policy can be found here.


❤️ What can a bad alignment do to my tires?

An improper alignment of your wheels can lead to uneven tire wear. It can cause premature wear and tear if not addressed immediately. This will make it unsafe to drive the car, especially at high speeds. 

While a minor misalignment may reduce the tire’s life by a few thousand miles, a serious misalignment could cause the tires to wear out in a matter of hours. It is possible to save hundreds of dollars by having them repaired quickly.

❤️ Does Walmart offer free alignments?

Walmart does not offer free alignments. They also don’t offer free alignments when you buy new tires.

❤️ Does my tire company offer free alignment?

You won’t find many places that offer free alignments with your tire purchase. Visit one of the 140+ Tire Discounters locations primarily located in the Midwest. 

You can find them in Alabama, Georgia, and Indiana as well as Kentucky, Ohio, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Tire Discounters offers free alignment when you purchase 4-tires.

❤️ Is a lifetime alignment of your wheels worth it?

If you make the effort to use your lifetime wheel alignment, it is well worth it. After the second or third alignment, you will be ahead.

The U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (USDOT), an average driver drives approximately 13,500 miles per year. 

It is recommended to align your tires every two years or whenever you experience a serious pothole. Autolist states that the average person maintains their car for six years. 

Consider purchasing the lifetime warranty if you intend to keep your car for more than four years following your first wheel alignment.

❤️ Why is Costco not doing wheel alignments?

Costco doesn’t offer tire alignments in any of its discount warehouses. This is likely due to the high cost of the machines and the fact that it takes specially trained technicians in order to properly align tires.

Wheel Alignment Cost Walmart – Conclusion 

A Walmart Auto Care Center will likely charge between $50 and $100 for wheel alignment services, depending on whether you need four-wheel or two-wheel alignment.

Walmart offers a cost-effective and efficient way to get your wheels aligned. However, many auto shops across the country offer the same service at the same price, so you may not need to visit Walmart.

It is vital that your wheels are aligned. It is important to have it checked as often and as often as you can. The mechanic will usually just let you go if there is nothing that needs to be done. 

If something needs to be adjusted, you will know your tires will last longer and your car will be safer.

We appreciate your time and hope you found this article useful. Our guide will help you learn more about Walmart tire installation costs.

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