Different types of oils for cooking and burning points

Complete Guide to Cooking Oils & Smoke Points Oils & Fats Fahrenheit Celsius Neutral Flavor? Avocado Oil 520ºF 271ºC Yes Rice Bran Oil 490ºF 260ºC Yes Mustard Oil 490ºF 260ºC No Grapeseed Oil 485ºF 251ºC Yes Olive Oil, Extra Light 465ºF 240ºC Yes Safflower Oil 450ºF 232ºC Yes Peanut Oil 450ºF 232ºC Yes Soybean Oil 450ºF 232ºC Yes Corn Oil 450ºF 232ºC …

FAQ different types of oils for cooking and burning points

What are the 10 types of cooking oils?

25 Types of Cooking Fats and Oils: Nutrition Facts, Benefits, Drawbacks 1 Avocado Oil. 2 Butter. 3 Canola (Rapeseed Oil) 4 Cocoa Butter. 5 Coconut Oil. 6 Corn Oil. 7 Cottonseed Oil. 8 Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 9 Ghee. 10 Goose Fat. More items…

What are the smoking points of cooking oils?

Smoking Points of Cooking Fats & Oils Fat/Oil Smoke Point (F) Smoke Point (C) Olive oil (extra light) 468 F 242 C Peanut oil 450 F 232 C Sesame oil (unrefined) 350 F 177 C Soybean oil (refined) 460 F 238 C 13 more rows …

How to choose the right cooking oil?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your cooking oil is its smoke point.

What is the best oil for frying?

One of the best uses of palm oil is for frying as it contains no trans fats and remains stable at very high cooking temperatures. The smoke point of palm oil is 455°F (235°C). Palm oil is another vegetable oil that is touted as a “healthier” type of frying oil.

Cooking Fat and Oil Types & Smoke Points (Home Cooking 101) DiTuro Productions

6 healthy cooking oils with various smoke points

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