Different types of oils and their uses

Therefore through this article we will be helping you get a better understanding of the different types of oils and their uses. Rice Bran Oil As you may have figured out already rice bran oil is derived from the outer shell of brown rice and is actually quite popular in South Asian countries.Since rice bran oil has a high smoke point it can be used for several things such as …

FAQ different types of oils and their uses

What are the 14 types of cooking oil?

14 Types of Cooking Oil and How to Use Them. 1 COCONUT OIL. Shutterstock. 2 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. 3 AVOCADO OIL. 4 GHEE. Shutterstock. 5 PUMPKIN SEED OIL. More items

What are the different types of lubricant oils?

Came with several types such as marine grease, white lithium grease, or silicone grease. Lubricant oil manufacturers use these oils in cars or heavy commercial vehicles.

Are all cooking oils the same?

Not all cooking oils can be used the same way—there are different temperatures, different shelf life, and different nutritional values. Although they all have many similarities, these major differences can lead to a possible culinary fail.

What are the best essential oils for aromatherapy?

Wonderfully aromatic, lavender essential oil is the most widely used oil in aromatherapy. It is commonly used to relieve anxiety, reduce stress levels, unwind, relax and get better sleep.

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