Crude oil types specifications

Crude oil grades, types, and names. Crude oil testing and assay services provided by Intertek support customers from the well-head to the refinery across the world. Each crude oil reservoir and stream has unique properties and characteristics. A partial listing of the world’s crude oils is listed. Intertek crude oil services: Crude oil assay.

FAQ crude oil types specifications

What are the different types of crude oil?

Examples: Wabasca Heavy, Captain, Jubarte. A Sweet Light crude oil would be of highest value. Synthetic Crude oils are produced when bitumen or extra heavy crude oils are ‘pre-processed’ to produce a lighter, lower Sulphur crude oil. Examples: Suncor OSH, Hamaca, Premium Albian Synthetic.

What are the main features of crude oil?

Main features of some qualities of crude oil. Density and sulfur content of crude oils. In the international petroleum industry, crude oil products are traded on various oil bourses based on established chemical profiles, delivery locations, and financial terms.

How is crude oil classified based on its chemical composition?

Crude oil is also classified based on physical characteristics and chemical composition, and these qualities are described with terms such as “sweet,” “sour,” “light,” and “heavy.” Crude oil varies in price, usefulness, and environmental impact. Crude oil with low sulfur content is classified as “sweet.”

What are the benchmarks of crude oil?

Benchmarks. Crude is considered " sweet " if it is low in sulphur content (< 0.5%/weight), or " sour " if high (> 1.0%/weight). Generally, the higher the API gravity (the "lighter" it is), the more valuable the crude.

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Crude Oil Characteristics

What is Crude Oil?

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