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Club Car Wash Prices: Providing the best car wash service in the central United States, Club Car Wash ( offers a full menu of wash options for a variety of customers. 

The washes they offer include basic Wash and Rookie Wash as well as VIP Wash and Elite Wash as well as MVP Wash. 

They also offer all of these washes as an extensive list of monthly packages that differ in cost, giving customers to save each month through memberships.

The Unlimited Club allows you to wash whenever you want for a monthly fee and there is no commitment. When you sign to join at one location allows you to clean at one of the more than 50 locations. 

If you wash every week or every day it’s the Unlimited Club is a great investment since it comes with an express member lane that is contactless and free vacuums at any time and a self-grab towel.

They not only offer the Unlimited Club and Unlimited Club membership, but you also have the option to set up a business account to receive significant savings on washes, which will help ensure that your company’s vehicles are clean in the event that your company owns more than six vehicles.

Club Car Wash also offers pre-paid wash cards that permit customers to choose a pre-paid amount. The card is automatically recharged with the amount after each usage. 

Club Car Wash is set apart from other car cleaning businesses due to its determination to contribute to the communities they serve. 

They frequently collaborate with churches, schools, and non-profits to raise funds by selling coupons that don’t expire and can be used in any location or at $1 wash events to commemorate the grand openings.

Introduction of Club Car Wash

The Club Car Wash was founded in 2006, as Tiger Express Car Wash in Columbia, Missouri. Brand leadership is currently held by Rollie Bartels who is also the chief executive officer. 

In the year 2019, the company was renamed Club Car Wash and has since expanded its operations in Kansas in addition to Illinois.

Every wash is made using friction technology that lasts for 15 minutes or less if you complete the entire procedure, which includes windows, interior vacuum, and the wiping of the dash. 

The operating hours vary based on local rules, but the majority of branches are open from 7 am and 7 pm.

Club Car Wash Prices List 2022

Find out our Club Car Wash prices in single washes, unlimited, and business levels. The basic package isn’t offered for the business level.

Club Car Wash Prices


Price: (One-Wash)

Package Offerings:



Presoak + Spot Free Rinse + Blowers



Basic + Clear Coat and Wheel Brightener



Basic + Foaminator Bath, Scented Soap, Wheel Blasters, Underbody Blast, Triple Polish, and Tire Shine



VIP + Hot Wax



Elite + Ceramix x3

Club Car Wash Prices (Unlimited & Business)


Price: (for Unlimited)

Price: (for Business)
















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Final Word 

Club Car Wash got some variations in its pricing. The washed package offered was five as opposed to other full-service auto wash companies that typically had three options. This provides more options for customers to choose whether they’ll prioritize features or budget.

Unfortunately, they do not offer customer rewards currently. Therefore, if this is a great bargain on your behalf as a consumer then you may want to consider other brands for car care.

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