Chevrolet Alero Engine Oil Capacity (USA)

About Chevrolet Alero Engine Oil Capacity (USA)

First of all, Here In this post I am talk aboutChevrolet Alero Engine Oil Capacity (USA),Chevrolet Alero is obtainable with different type engine options and you know guys the best engine oil for Chevrolet Alerois 5w30 synthetic oil grade.

You want to know about further details your Chevrolet Alero mechanism Engine, Engine oil capacity or capacity filter, Oil change Intervals and service cost. let’s check out more information given on the table.

Generally, we know that synthetic oil is best oil for your car and the if you have questions about how many quarts or  liters  does engine oil takes Chevrolet Alero?

Maximum every 3000 miles you should check engine oil for your car and  engine oil capacity is approximately 4 liters of Chevrolet Alero.

 Chevrolet Alero (1999 – 2004) (USA)

Alero 2.4 16V (1999 – 2004) LD9 3.8 l 4.02 US Quarts / Filter: n/a 15 000 km / 12 months 154$/249$
Alero 3.4 V6 (1999 – 2004) LA1 4.3 l 4.54 US Quarts / Filter: n/a 15 000 km / 12 months 154$/249$

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