Case 1816 hydraulic oil type [Update 2023]

Case 1816 hydraulic oil type: Case Skid steer loaders 1816 (1973-1977) Which oil should you use for your Case Skid steer loaders 1816 (1973-1977)? Complete advice for all components, such as the engine, gearbox (transaxle), brake system, power steering system and cooling system. Back to Search Results. Usage conditions | Download as PDF. Facebook. Engine Tecumseh . Hydraulic system . …

FAQ case 1816 hydraulic oil type

Q.1 What oil to run in 1835B skidloader?

ANS. I have a case 1835B skidloader and the original manual calls for 10/40 motor oil with a hto additive but when I talked to Case about this they said that all the new ones are running 15/40 with the same additive, my question what would you recommend running in it. They recommend the additive because of the hyrostats.

Q.2 Can I use engine oil in my case HTO?

ANS. My application guide shows the following. 0-130 deg F 20W/50 -10 – 104 deg F 15W40 -20 – 55 deg F 10W/30 -45 – 10 deg F 0W/30 Add Case HTO additive to this oil in the ratio of 1 part additive to 20 parts oil. Personally I don’t use engine oil in this type unit. IMO engine oil belongs in one place, the engine.

Q.3 What is the history of case construction equipment?

ANS. CASE Construction Equipment’s rich, proud history spans more than 170 years. Growing from J.I. CASE’s innovations in steam-powered machinery in the late 1800s, CASE developed… Show More CASE Construction Equipment’s rich, proud history spans more than 170 years.

Q.4 What kind of oil do you use in your hydraulic system?

ANS. Motor oil can make a perfectly good hydraulic oil. I’ve thought about running synthetic in it 10/30 or 15/40 with the HTO additive just for the cold flow part and something that would be durable and hold up, but I wanted to make sure that was the right weight first before I did anything else.

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