Carmel Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Carmel Car Wash serves automotive automobiles. Car wash facilities are available there. Additionally, they provide wheel and tire services as well as detailing. 

Does your car appear mud-stained? Maybe it’s time to get to this spot. Cleanliness isn’t only important, but also provides pleasure. 

The high-pressure washer and spraying equipment could wash away road dust, making your car sparkling. Take pleasure in the small pleasure of going to the car wash!

254 customers gave the Carmel Car Wash at 3.87. The following 14 reviews are from customers looking through them all to see what they liked and what they did not like about the experience. Carmel Car Wash is located in Arlington, TX 76011, 1401 N Cooper St.

To know more about this shop, you can go to To make an appointment, you can call (469) the number 208-92-74, during business hours.

carmel car wash prices

Carmel Car Wash Prices List 2022


Full-Service Car Wash

Super Clean $44.95
Works $34.95
Wheel Deal $24.95

Auto Detailing

Full Detail (Starting Price) $199.95
Express Complete (Starting Price) $99.95

European Auto Wax

SUV’s Additional $10

Platinum $299.95
Titanium $199.95
White Gold $99.95

Fast Pass

Unlimited Monthly Washes

Carmel Special $59.95
Works Plus $44.95
Wash, Polish & Tire Clean $34.95
Basic Wash $24.95

Exterior Car Wash

Carmel Special (Per One) $18.00
Works Plus (Per One) $15.00
Wash, Polish & Tire Clean (Per One) $10.00
Basic Wash (Per One) $6.00

About Carmel Car Wash

The Carmel Car Wash chain Carmel Car Wash is popular in the United States because of the quality of the customer service, a variety of prices and packages, and easily accessible places.

Customers also have access to gift cards, deals, and discounts, as well as special promotions, which means you’ll never miss a chance to maximize the value of the cash.

Pricing options vary from the basic car wash to the expensive complete detail that includes the works. 

The actual service is comparable to the cost of the service, therefore the company is not accused of being a scam. 

The staff is friendly and professional, which means that every time you go to the store you are treated as if you’re a celebrity, despite your car appearing brand new after every wash.

For regular car washes, you will need to remain inside your vehicle as it goes through the wash. You will need to drive your vehicle through the whole process, which will take some time. 

Then, you must get off your vehicle and let the employee wash the exterior of your car and its interior for around 10 minutes.

Below are the most recent Carmel Car Wash prices.

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