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What are the different types of oil used in cars?

Well, this is the granddaddy of motor oils. The very first car engine that was bathed in conventional oil was the one fitted to the Ford Model T in 1908. You can just imagine the history of this type of engine lubricant. Modern conventional oils are produced by combining the base oils of hydrocarbons, polyinternal olefins, and polyalphaolefins.

How to choose the right engine oil for your car?

The car manufacturer recommends the engine oil based on the parameters of your car. You ought to know the grade of the engine oil your car needs as well. This will help you get the best performance from your motor. A good oil will also increase the lifespan of the engine.

What is the other name of motor oil?

It is known by different names, motor oil, lube oil, lubricant. The first lube oil was developed by an American John Ellis on 6th September 1866. He realized the lubricating properties of crude oil. John first successfully tried the engine oil in a steam engine.

What type of oil should you use when changing your oil?

According to a survey by the Automotive Oil Change Association, over 50 percent of car owners choose synthetics or synthetic blends when they get their oil changed. This type of motor oil, designed for newer cars, is enhanced with unique additives to minimize oil burn-off and oil leaks.

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