Can you mix two different type of a motor oil together

So what happens if you mix two different brands of motor oil? It can be harmful to your vehicle’s engine if you use two motor oil with two different brands and different API markings. On the other hand, if you mix two motor oil with two brands but with the same level of API, you might not have any severe damage to your vehicle. You have to remember the rule of …

FAQ can you mix two different type of a motor oil together

Can you mix different types of motor oil?

So in simple words, it is not recommended to mix different types of motor oils because it is difficult to predict what exactly will happen. The main problems that may occur are the following: Increasing the viscosity to its full thickening and clogging the main oil paths.

Why can’t you mix different brands of oil?

You cannot mix different brands of oil because you do not know what they contain. Also, because they do not serve the same purpose and might contain different things, which the other does not. Companies are everywhere, producing different brands of oil, stick to one, and use it. Keep reading for more details about mixing different brand of oil

Is mixing motor oil bad for your car?

Mixing of some industrial oil formulations for hydraulic systems, compressors, and gearboxes can be very bad for the seals and bearings, but that does not apply to certified motor oils. Can You Mix Different Brands of Engine Oil?

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Can you mix motor oil weights when using synthetic oil?

While mixing motor oil weights is possible, especially if you switch from conventional to synthetic oils, the mixture should only be a pinch. This means that the conventional oil is just a residue. It is not supposed to have any impact once you pour a substantial amount of synthetic oil into your engine.

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