Bmw 325i Engine Oil Capacity [Update 2023] ❤️

BMW 325i engine oil capacity information 2023

BMW 325i Engine Oil Capacity: Guys, If you want to do Maintenance by yourself on your BMW and If you want to change your engine oil and filters see if you don’t know how’s big your engine volume. then guys don’t worry let’s check out Bmw 325i Engine Oil Capacity.

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Production Years: 1987,1988,1989,1990,1991

   Engine  Engine oil capacity  Oil change Intervals
 325i (1986 – 1988)  M20B25  4.75 / 0.25  n/a
 325i (1988 – 1991)  M20B25  4.75 / 0.25  n/a
 325iX (1986 – 1988)  M20B25  4.75 / 0.25  n/a
 325iX (1988 – 1991)  M20B25  4.75 / 0.25  n/a
 325e (1986 – 1988)  M20B27  4.75 / 0.25  n/a

Production Years: 1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,2000,2001

Do you know how much oil a BMW needs in quarts or liters? If you are unsure, don’t panic; use the table below to see the engine, the amount of engine oil it can hold, and the frequency of oil changes.

   Engine  Engine oil capacity  Oil change Intervals
 325i (1991 – 1995)  M50  6.5/0.75  n/a
 325td (1991 – 1995)  M51  6.5/1  n/a
 325td (1996 – 1999)  M51  7/1  n/a
 325tds (1993 – 1995)  M51  6.5/1  n/a
 325tds (1995 – 1999)  M51  7/1  n/a

Production Years: 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006

   Engine  Engine oil capacity  Oil change Intervals
 325i (2000 – 2006)  M54B25  6.5  20,000Km/24 months
 325xi (2001 – 2005)  M54B25  6.2  24 months


Production Years: 2004,2005,2006,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013

   Engine  Engine oil capacity  Oil change Intervals
 325i ( N52B25 ) (2005 – 2013)  N52 B25  6.5  25000 km/ 24 months
 325xi ( N52B25 ) (2005 – 2008)  N52 B25  6.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325 xDrive ( N52B25 ) (2008 – 2013)  N52 B25  6.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325i ( N53B30 ) (2007 – 2013)  N53 B30  6.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325xi ( N53B30 ) (2007 – 2008)  N53 B30  6.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325i xDrive ( N53B30 ) (2008 – 2013)  N53 B30  6.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325d (2006 – 2010)  M57TU2  7.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325d DPF (2006 – 2010)  M57TU2  7.5   25000 km/ 24 months
 325d (2010 – 2013)  N57  7.5   25000 km/ 24 months
325d DPF (2010 – 2013) N57 7.5  25000 km/ 24 months
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E93 Cabrio

Production Years:2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013

Engine Engine oil capacity Oil change Intervals
325i ( N52B25 ) (2007 – 2013) N53 B30 6.5 25 000 km / 24 months
325i ( N53B30 ) (2007 – 2013) N52 B25 6.5 25 000 km / 24 months
325d (2007 – 2010) M57TU2 7.5 30 000 km / 24 months
325d DPF (2007 – 2010) M57TU2 7.5 30 000 km / 24 months
325d (2010 – 2013) N57 7.5 30 000 km / 24 months
325d DPF (2010 – 2013) N57 7.5 30 000 km / 24 months

Recommendation for BMW 325i Engine Oil

A high-quality, synthetic mix engine oil that meets or surpasses BMW Long-life 01 FE SAE 0W-20 standards is recommended for a BMW 325i. This oil has been specially prepared to satisfy the stringent requirements of BMW’s latest engines and is approved for use in all BMW models.

The 0W-20 oil is a totally synthetic oil that provides outstanding engine protection even in high temperatures. It also aids in improving fuel efficiency and lowering pollutants.

To ensure adequate lubrication and engine protection, use the prescribed oil grade and quality, and keep the correct oil level.

It’s always a good idea to consult the owner’s manual or a BMW shop for the precise oil recommendation for your 325i, as oil type and specs might vary based on the model year and engine type.

It’s also critical to stick to your car’s suggested service plan and change the oil and filter at the recommended intervals to preserve the longevity and function of your engine.

It’s also worth noting that, in order to maintain your engine’s greatest performance, protection, and longevity, you should only use the prescribed oil grade and quality, and avoid mixing other brands or types of oil.

Oil for engines BMW 3 Series E30 325.

The engine oil is tested using dipsticks, which are found on the left part of the engine (refer to the illustrations under the bonnet in this chapter to locate the dipstick). The dipstick extends from the tube of metal and down to the sump.

The engine oil must be checked prior to the time that the vehicle is driven, or at the very least one hour after it has been turned off. 

If the oil test is done shortly after driving the car it is likely that some oil remains in the upper portion of the engine which could result in an incorrect reading of the dipstick.

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Remove the dipstick from the tube and clean all the oil off of the tube’s end using a clean cloth or paper towel. The clean dipstick is then inserted completely into the inside of the tube and then pull it out once more. 

Check the oil level at the bottom of the dipstick. At its highest point, oil should be in between the two marks or notches (see the illustration). 

It will take one liter of oil to bring the level up between the mark on the bottom and the higher line on your dipstick. Don’t allow the level to fall beneath the mark below or the loss of oil could cause damage to the engine.

However, overfilling your engine (adding oil over what is considered to be the top mark) can result in oil-fouled ignition plugs, leaks from oil, or failure of the oil seal.

In order to add the oil take off the cap that fills up the cover of your valve (see examples). When you have added oil wait for a couple of minutes for the level to settle before pulling the dipstick away and testing the level once more. You can add more oil if needed. Replace the cap on the filler by hand only.

The oil level should be checked regularly. This is an essential maintenance measure. A consistently low level of oil is a sign of leakage from damaged gaskets or seals or the burning of oil (internal leakage that has gone past worn rings or guides for valves). 

The state of the oil must be also taken note of. If the oil appears dark in color or contains water droplets in it, then the cylinder head gasket could be blowing, or the block or head could be damaged. The engine needs to be fixed promptly. 

When you are checking the level of the oil you can slide your index finger and thumb upwards on the dipstick and then wipe away the oil. If you find tiny metal particles or dirt sticking to the dipstick the oil needs to be changed (see section 6.).

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With a filter replacement, the engine oil capacity of a BMW 325i is around 6.9 quarts (6.5 liters). It is advised to use engine oil with a high synthetic content that satisfies or exceeds BMW Long-life 01 FE SAE 0W-20 standards.

The recommended oil for your individual 325i should always be checked in the owner’s handbook or with a BMW dealership, as the oil type and specifications can change based on the model year and engine type.

For the engine to be properly lubricated and safeguarded, it is essential to maintain the proper oil level and to change the oil and filter on a regular basis at the suggested intervals. Additionally crucial to the engine’s durability and efficiency is adhering to the suggested maintenance plan.

Last but not least, the best method to guarantee that your BMW 325i engine runs smoothly and efficiently is to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil type, capacity, and service intervals.

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