BMW 316i Engine Oil Capacity [Update 2022] ❤️

BMW 316i Engine Oil Capacity

BMW 316i Engine Oil Capacity: Today, we’re bringing you a step-by-step guide on how you can change your filter and oil in the E90 BMW. 
The car in the photos is a 325i from 2006 however the procedure and the general location of the oil drain bolt and filter are the same for every E90 model (and E91/92/93’s) as well as the 335i and 328i, as well as other models.

The guide also is reliable and can be useful for E82 128i 135i oil changes, and E60 5 series oil changes.

If you’ve got access to car ramps, socket wrenches along with an oil filter wrench the cost for changing your oil is around $20 and 20 minutes. The dealership typically charges between $100 and $150 for oil changes.

So you can save some cost and take almost nothing at all. It is worth noting that certain people make use of an aftermarket oil (Mobil1 or similar.) to save money however we would recommend using genuine BMW products.

You can see here  models of BMW 3 series.e30(1986-1992),BMW 3 series, E36 (1990 – 2001),BMW 3 series, E46 (1998 – 2006),BMW 3 series, E90 / E91 / E92 (2004 – 2013),BMW 3 series, F30 / F31 / F80 (2012 – ).

 BMW 3 series.e30(1986-1992)

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil Change Intervals
316E30(1987-1991)  n/a 4/0.25 n/a
316ie30(1988-1991) m40 4/0.25 n/a
316icat.e3o(1988-1991)  n/a 4/0.25 n/a

 BMW 3 series, E36 (1990 – 2001)

   Engine  Engine Oil Capacity  Oil change Intervals
 316ie36(1991-1994)  m40  4/0.25  n/a
 316ie36(1993-1999)  m43   4/0.25   n/a
 316ie36compact(1993-2001)  m43   4/0.25   n/a
 316i e36 compact (1999-2001)  m43TU   4/0.25   n/a
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 BMW 3 series, E46 (1998 – 2006)

   Engine  Engine oil capacity  Oil change Intervals
 316ie46(1999-2001)  M43Tu  4  20,000km/24 months
 316ie46(2001-2004)  N42  4.25   20,000km/24 months
 316i e46(2004-2006)  N46b18  4.25   20,000km/24 months

 BMW 3 series, E90 / E91 / E92 (2004 – 2013)

   Engine  Engine Oil Capacity  Oil change Intervals
 316i(2004-2007)  N40/N45  4.25  25000km/24 months
 316i(2007-2012)  N40/N45  4.25   25000km/24 months

 BMW 3 series, F30 / F31 / F80 (2012 – )

  Engine Engine Oil Capacity Oil change Intervals
316i(2012-2015) N3b16a 4.2 30000km/24 months


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