Autobell Car Wash Prices 2022 ❤️

Autobell was established 1969 by Charlie Howard in 1969 when the first service opened on South Boulevard in Charlotte. 

Autobell is currently operated by the Howard family and its commitment to effective customer service and environmentally respecting practices are still in place.

Here’s an inventory of Autobell Car Wash prices:

Autobell Car Wash Prices

Autobell Car Wash Prices List 2022


Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Full-Service Car Wash $18.99
Full-Service Car Wash (15-passenger vans and larger) $24.99
Super Wash $23.99
Double Polyprocess℠ $25.99
Super Polyprocess℠ $28.99
Manager’s Special with Rain Repellent $31.99
Manager’s Special with Armor All® $36.99

Exterior Only Cleaning

Ride-Thru Exterior Wash $7.00
Super Ride-Thru $12.00
Exterior Wash $10.99
Super Exterior Wash $14.99
Exterior Special $19.99

Extra Services

Underbody Wash $3.00
Rain Repellent Front $9.00
Rain Repellent Front and Rear $12.00
Rain Repellent Front, Rear, Sides $15.00
Armor All® Exterior $6.00
Armor All® Interior $10.00
Armor All® Complete $14.75
Tire Gloss $4.75
Fragrance $2.50
Polish & Sealer $7.00
Premium Mat Cleaning Front $5.00
Premium Mat Cleaning Front & Rear $7.00
Premium Mat Cleaning Cargo Mat $3.00

About Autobell Car Wash

If the presence of cars and people is a good indicator of the popularity and demand for a particular car washed, the Autobell Car Wash will rank as the best! Even on weekdays, auto bell car Wash is crowded with people who are using its numerous services ranging that range from regular car washes to full-service car washes.

The staff is pleasant and efficient, in a way they are able to explain in detail the specific services included in the various packages. 

A Full Service for instance includes your vehicle to be cleaned both inside and out, while the Car Wash will include exterior washing only. 

Whatever you choose you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail the staff puts into each task to ensure that your vehicle is sparkling clean each time.

Finding the service you want is also easy. Go to the counter, select from the wide range of options and pay with the credit card of your choice or in cash. Be sure to look over the discounts and deals, as well.

Below are the most recent Autobell Car Wash prices.

Autobell Car Wash Near Me, Hours, Locations & Contact: Find Your Carwash

Find the top auto washes at an Autobell local store near your place of residence. Find a branch on this website or look through the table below for the opening hours as well as phone numbers and the services at hand in particular locations. You can also search for Google by typing “Autobell Near Me”.

Autobell Car Wash Hours & Location

Locations: Hours: Phone:
Asheville (Merrimon Ave) 7:30 am — 6 pm 828-253-9274
Branch Blvd (Western) 7 am — 7 pm 757-483-9420
Burlington NC (Church St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 336-229-6892
Charlotte NC (Hankins) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-599-5438
Chesapeake (Battlefield Blvd) 7:30 am — 6 pm 757-436-9491
Chesapeake VA (Pavilion) 7 am — 7 pm 757-645-9608
Concord Mills (Pit Stop) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-979-0355
Concord NC (Church St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-795-9274
Denver NC (7565 HWY 73) 7 am — 7 pm 704-820-0941
Durham 7:30 am — 6 pm 919-544-3235
Gastonia (New Hope) 7 am — 7 pm 704-866-9556
Greensboro (W Gate City Blvd) 7 am — 7 pm 336-299-3377
Knightdale (Autumn View) 7:30 am — 6 pm 919-217-1767
Mooresville (W Plaza) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-662-0260
Newport News (Warwick Blvd)) 7:30 am — 6 pm 757-594-9508
Raleigh (Garner) 7 am — 7 pm 919-773-0810
Shelby NC (Dekalb St) 7:30 am — 6 pm 704-481-0818
Wilson NC (Forest Hills) 7:30 am — 6 pm 252-237-6977

Autobell Near Me


Related Question Answers Found

❤️ To answer this question how much will the cost of a car wash in and outside?

A basic car wash on mobile will cost anywhere between 20 dollars and up. Exterior Wash will cost between $20 and 30 dollars. Interior and Exterior (vacuum as well as wipedown) will cost you anywhere from 30$ up to 40. A complete car wash that includes the trunk rims, tires, and tire generally costs around $40.

In addition, is auto bell harmful to your vehicle? The conclusion is. While certain types of car washes are more hazardous than others, each time you clean your vehicle–even if you’re meticulously washing it by hand, you are applying harsh and abrasive chemicals to the surface of the paint and the chance of scratching and swirls on the paint finish will always be there. This is the negative news.

❤️ In addition, how much will it cost to wash the car seats?

The basic car detailing services should include washing, waxing interior vacuuming, polishing the interior window washing trimming and mirror cleaning, and tire cleaning. 

It is possible to are able to anticipate paying between $50 and $125 to get the average size car and $75-$150 for a van or SUV. A more expensive package typically includes significantly more focus on the details.

❤️ Do car wash passes really worth the cost?

If you’re thinking about a monthly auto washing membership, you’ll need to be sure that you’re using it in a way that you earn the money’s worth. 

If not, then it’s certainly not worth the money. If you’re dedicated to maintaining your car clean or using this as an excuse to be more focused on it then you’re probably in good shape.

❤️ Do car washes cleanse the interior of your vehicle?

A well-detailed cleaning of cars is more than a regular vehicle wash to ensure that vehicles appear spotless and tidy inside and out. within and out. In contrast to car washing, car detailing doesn’t require an automated system for cleaning. To remove dirt from the cabinet’s interior there are various techniques like steam cleaning as well as vacuuming is employed.

❤️ Do you need to pay a car detailing company a tip?

10% is a common tip It’s a nice gesture that your technician will appreciate. However, if you‘re very satisfied with the cleanliness of your vehicleyou may prefer to pay 20 percent or more. A bigger tip is a fantastic reward for top-quality work and can be a great way to build a long-lasting business relationship with the car’s detailer.

❤️ What’s the cost of a car wash with the full-service cost?

The price of an all-service car wash is $15, however, 20 percent of companies that provide this kind of car wash earn at least $18 per car washed. As per the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual revenue by a bay at the self-serve car wash is nearly $1,500. service auto wash is close to $1500.How do you clean the car seats?

Use a vinegar mixture. Mix one cup of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap and around one gallon of hot water in the bucket. After that, dab the mixture on the stain. Use brushes to clean it off the seat. Use clean water to wash the seat. Utilize detergent for washing.

❤️ Can the smell of smoke be eliminated from a car?

If your car is smelling of smoke from a bonfire, instead of cigarettes, it is possible to remove the smell by placing your car in a room that is well ventilated and with the windows closed to let the air in. After a while, you can sprinkle baking soda on your floor mats and carpet and remove it with a vacuum.

❤️ What is it to buy a car with a clay bar?

I would recommend $20 as my standard rate in the field of clay bar work as well. It typically takes less than 30 to 45 mins to clay the inside of a car which is why $20 seems acceptable considering there’s not too much clay used up in the process.

❤️ What does the cost of steam cleaning the car?

Steam cleaning prices start at $85 and can go up to $130. If you have a leather-covered interior, you’ll need the best upholstery cleaning service and costs range between fifty dollars and up to $75. If your vehicle needs to be cleaned of a scratch or scratch, the price should be approximately $80.

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