Arctic cat wildcat 1000 4x oil type [Update 2023]

Arctic cat wildcat 1000 4x oil type: What type of oil and weight do you guys run? I see that Arctic Cat sells the synthetic 0w-40 and 15-w50. I live in south MS and I ride mostly on a river sandbar so it gets pretty hot down here. Which would you guys recommend for my 2013.5 1000? Thanks!

Arctic Cat recommends three types of oil for their ATVs:

  • 10W40 ATV Engine Oil
  • ACX 0W-40 Synthetic Oil
  • ACX 15W-50 Synthetic Oil

How can you pick the ideal oil from that list for your Arctic Cat ATV? This article will go over the many types of oil, which oil is appropriate for your riding style, and how frequently you should replace the oil in your ATV. Continue reading to learn how to replace the oil in two of Arctic Cat’s most well-known ATVs.

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