Alfa romeo stelvio oil type

We analyzed official data on Alfa Romeo Stelvio engine oil for 2 generations and 11 modifications produced from 2017 to 2022 and figured out the optimal liquids. The Stelvio Generations. Stelvio 949 (2017-2022) Engine. Capacity. Change interval. Oil type. Stelvio 2.0T (147 kW) AWD. 5,2 L (service fill)

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How do I change the oil in my Stelvio?

If you are a DIY’er changing the oil in the Stelvio is very easy as both the drain plug and filter are at the bottom of the engine. There are no clearance issues or other parts of the car in the way or may get oil dripped on.

What size are the brakes on a Stelvio?

Standard brake system Standard on Stelvio and Stelvio Ti Front Rotor size and type 13.0 x 1.1 (330 x 28) Caliper size and type Brembo four-piston calipers Rear Rotor size and type 12.5 x .86 (320 x 22) Caliper size and type Single-piston calipers. DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITIES.

Is pennzoli Euro good enough for Alfa Romeo Maserati?

If the Pennzoli Euro is good enough for the Maserati, its good enough for the Alfa….of course, in appropriate weight. This whole oil game is trying to confuse the public and get people to get vehicle serviced at the dealer. Half the time, the dealer doesn’t use the right oil!! My 2019 Stelvio manual says to use SN Plus meeting FCA MS-13340.

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2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Oil Type

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