Acura integra oil type

Acura Motor Oil Capacity (Refill with new oil filter) CL 3.2L engine 2001-03 4.4-L 4.6-Qt. Integra: 1.8L VTEC engine 4.0-L, 4.2-Qt. Integra: 1.8L Except VTEC engine 4.0-L 4.2-QT. ILX: 2.0L engine 2013-15 3.7-L, 3.9-Qt. ILX: 2.4L engine 2016-17 4.4-L, 4.6-Qt. 2013-15 4.2-L, 4.4-Qt. ILX Hybrid: 2013-14 3.6-L, 3.8-Qt. MDX: 2014-17 5.4-L, 5.7-QT

FAQ acura integra oil type

Does the Acura Integra require an oil flush?

Your Acura Integra glides down the road in style and comfort. Keep things running smoothly by changing your old motor oil for new Acura Integra engine oil from AutoZone. New engine oil ensures that your Acura’s motor lasts for miles to come. Doing an engine oil flush for Acura Integra is the best way to keep your motor’s parts moving freely.

What is the latest version of the Acura Integra?

In North America this model is known as Acura Integra, and its latest version – as Acura RSX. In Honda lineup, Integra was placed before Prelude and after CR-X.

Where can I get Oil for my Integra?

AutoZone has the Integra engine oils you need to keep your pristine ride running well for years to come. Stop by your local AutoZone to pick up your oil, and ask our trustworthy staff about other products to keep your Integra running and looking great. Enjoy free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing whenever you visit your local store.

What kind of oil does an Acura RDX take?

Here’s a listing for Acura motor oil type and capacity for Acura vehicles. If the oil type is Latest API rating, see this chart for the most current API rating and backwards compatibility RDX: 2007-12 5W-30 Mobil 1 or Acura HTO-06 standard ILX: 2013-15 2.0L engine 0W-20