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A Whale (2010–2014) Madison Orca (2014–2020) Identification: Call sign: A8UA7; IMO number: 9424209; MMSI number: 636014465; Status: Active as of 2020: Notes: General characteristics; Class and type: Lloyds Register: 100A1: Type: Ore-oil carrier: Tonnage: 319,869 DWT, 172,146 GT: Length: 340

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What are the different types of oil skimmers?

These skimmers generally include drum skimmers, brush skimmers, weir skimmers, and some belt skimmers. Fixed Oil Skimmers Fixed oil skimmers are installed in a permanent location.

What is an automatic weir oil skimmer?

Originally designed for hydro dams to go down into very deep wells and automatically skim and separate oil from water and pump the oil up to the surface —automatically. With onboard pumps, controls, and monitoring, the SAWS automatic weir oil skimmer is fully programmable.

What is the most efficient oil spill skimmer?

Elastec manufactures some of the most efficient oil spill skimmer systems in the world. They are performance tested at Ohmsett, one of the largest oil spill testing facilities in the world. It is located at the Naval Weapons Station Earle Waterfront in the United States.

How do oil spill skimmers work?

They can skim oil through a variety of technologies including oleophilic materials, brushes, belts, ropes, and weirs. Skimmers can be installed in two different ways, either floating or fixed/mounted. Elastec manufactures some of the most efficient oil spill skimmer systems in the world.

Whale Oil

'A Whale' Oil Skimmer Arrives for BP Oil Spill Clean-Up

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