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1997 Honda Passport Oil Type. OilType.co. OilType.co is a free online resource where volunteers catalogue the most popular cars and their oil types. Along with the oil types we also keep track of the oil capacities, including the filter capacities (if available). Just browse to the home page and use the drop-down menu to find the car you are looking for. Warning!

FAQ 99 honda passport oil type

Does the 2019 Passport have an oil change manual?

That should make Passport oil changes easier. Collating information for those interested in a DIY engine oil and engine oil filter change on the 2019 Passport. It will be a while before I’m ready for service. See PDF attachment below for the two page excerpt from the 2019 Passport Owner’s Manual.

How do you clean the oil filter on a passport?

Use it on my 2017 Pilot and 2017 Ridgeline, Passport has the same engine setup. As for the oil filter mess, slide a quart size freezer bag onto the filter just after you break it loose. Now unscrew the filter and bag, oil mess ends up in the bag. Very small mess to clean up afterwards.

Where is the engine oil filter located on a Honda Accord?

The engine oil filter (blue canister) is located inboard of the front-right wheel (first photo). It is visible through the wheel spokes with a light. It is accessible from behind the front-right wheel.

Do I need to take my oil change to the dealer?

There is no need to take it to the dealer. From the Owner’s Guide… Just banged out a first oil change at 5000 miles. Used a Puralator One Filter (PL 14610) . Above advice on using Freezer bag when removing filter is good one. Kind of an average oil change degree of difficulty given the location of things compared to other vehicles I’ve had.

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