454 chevy oil type

I can’t speak for the Poncho 455 but I can for the Rat motors. 454’s are some of the least sensitive motors for oil type, brand, weight, etc. They will however generally use a qt every 1000 miles no matter what even though I have one now that does a qt every 3000 but that is the exception. If you are using it for pulling anything go thicker, 10 …

FAQ 454 chevy oil type

What oil do you use in your 454?

Use a Wix 51069 or NAPA Gold 1069. I like Valvoline conventional 10W40 in my 454 but better add a healthy dose of ZDDP to whatever conventional oil you use… also synthetics are less viscous and as such are more prone to leakage issues. Sick ’em Scott!

What should the oil pressure be in a Chevy truck?

The general rule for high-performance engine oil pressure is 10 pounds per square inch for every 1,000 rpm. Stock Chevy oil pumps have the pickup tube pressed into the pump body, and they have been known to fall out when subjected to the vibration of a high-RPM engine.

How many miles on a 1979 Chevy Cheyenne dualie 454?

This is a question more for my son, who just bought a 1979 Chevy Cheyenne Dualie Truck…with a 454. The truck has over 180k miles on it, and supposedly the original owner did a ‘rebuild’ some years ago.

What kind of oil filter does a 1965 Chevy big block use?

1965 through 1967 big-blocks used a metal canister and pleated filter element, and all 1968 and later Mark IV engines have an oil filter adapter with an integral bypass valve for use with spinon oil filters.

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