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2018 Nissan Frontier 4.0 Oil Type: The 2018 Nissan Frontier has either a 2.5 L 4Cylinder or A4.0 L V6 engine that needS5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in all temperatures.

The capacity for the vehicle iS4.9 quarts for the 2.5 L 4Cylinder and 5.4 quarts with a filter for the 4.0 L V6 engine. Both versions have a torque of 25 ft/lbs for the drain plug.

Recommend oil for my 2018 Frontier

Product Name Product Description Capacity
Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Oil The auto shop can save you time, money, and expensive repairs! Amsoil is here for you! Bulletproof your Frontier’s engine Filter 4.9 quarts. After refill, check oil level.
XL 5W-30 Synthetic Oil Protect your Frontier with the finest synthetic oil Amsoil has the proof to back up every claim! Please support American Oil! Filter 4.9 quarts. After refill, check oil level.
OE 5W-30 Synthetic Oil AMSOIL OE Synthetic Oil Motor Oil has been specially formulated for extended oil change intervals for your 2018 Nissan/Datsun Frontier 2.5L. This oil is made with advanced synthetic technology and resists chemical breakdown to provide maximum wear protection for your vehicle, well beyond the standard 3,000-mile interval. Filter 4.9 quarts. After the refill, check the oil level.

FAQ 2018 nissan frontier 4.0 oil type

What’s the 2019 Nissan Frontier Oil type?

The 2019 Nissan Frontier uses SAE 5w-30 full synthetic oil. The 2.5l engine has a capacity of 4.9 quarts while the 4.0l can hold 5.4 quarts. The oil keeps the internal parts of Your car’s engine cool and lubricated and it also keeps the moving parts from grinding against each other thereby reducing wear and damage.

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What kind of oil does a 2006 Nissan Frontier take?

I have an ’06 Frontier with a 4.0. I purchased the vehicle about three weeks ago and the selling dealer (Toyota) serviced the vehicle. Nissan recommends 5w-30 as the preferred viscosity for this engine. After I bought the vehicle, I noticed that the servicing technician had written 5w-20 on the oil change reminder sticker.

How much does an oil change cost for a Ford frontier?

The cost of an oil change for Your Frontier is between $50 and $60 for labor and between $70 and $80 for parts. You should get an oil change every 7,500 to 10,000 miles. You will know that it is time for an oil change if You notice increased engine noise, shaking while idling, excess vehicle exhaust, or an oil smell inside the vehicle.

What type of oil should I use in my Nissan?

Unless a 20-weight is specifically recommended by Nissan, I’m going to stick with an “X”w-30 weight oil. 5w20 is something Honda has been using for a while now.

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What happens if your 2018 Nissan Frontier doesn’t get its oil changed?

Motor oil also has many other benefits and functions.

  • Reduces heat – Other than the explosions from gasoline and spark plugs, heat is generated from friction between engine parts. Excessive heat can cause irreversible damage to engine parts. Heat is carried away from the engine by oil moving around. This heat dissipation means that the engine is not too hot in any one place.
  • To increase fuel efficiency, the slipper the engine parts are the better. This means that less force is required to move them and the engine uses less fuel.
  • Prevents engine noise – because parts, such as your engine pistons don’t touch each other, oil provides lubrication that prevents them from touching. This prevents engine knocking-related problems and damage.
  • Protects engine parts from corrosion. – A majority of oils contain an additive that is specifically designed to reduce oxidation and prevent corrosion.
  • Maintains the 2018 Nissan Frontier engine in good condition – It is thrilling to have the engine running at its maximum efficiency. The oil collects dirt and particles from the engine and transports them to the oil filter, where they are trapped. This helps reduce the chance of dirt building up and causing engine damage.
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How often does the 2018 Nissan Frontier require an oil change?

An oil change is one of the most important and logical services you can do for your vehicle. The recommended interval for synthetic oil is between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. Nissan recommends that your 2018 Nissan Frontier oil and filter be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for conventional oil. It’s a good idea to consult your owner’s manual as well as your franchise to determine the best intervals for your vehicle. Nalley Nissan Cumming offers many oil change options to keep your 2018 Nissan Frontier running smoothly. No matter if you require an oil change or a new transmission, our service center will make sure your vehicle is properly inspected. This will save you time at the dealer and money on unnecessary repairs. We are proud that we serve all Nissan Frontier owners in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. To book your service appointment, or to find out the hours of the shop for you, contact our Service Center. We look forward to serving you.

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