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Ryan M. August 29, 2019. The type and capacity of oil for the 2018 Chevy Tahoe are conveniently the same throughout all trim options.

The Chevy Tahoe LT, LS, Premier, and Fleet all have 5.3-liter engines. Because of this, they all take the same 0W-20 viscosity oil. like alternative.


Your car’s oil is essential for the efficient operation of the engine. For your Chevy Tahoe to operate effectively and last as long as possible, using the proper oil is crucial.

This article will go over the various oil types that are suitable for your 2018 Chevy Tahoe and direct you in making the right choice.

Overview of Oil Types for Better Understanding

Let’s briefly go over the various types of oils on the market before we delve into the specifics of oil types for the 2018 Chevy Tahoe:

Traditional Oil

For older automobiles and SUVs, conventional oil is most frequently used. It comes from crude oil and has a number of additives to enhance its qualities.

A blend of Synthetic Oil

The oil that is both conventional and synthetic is known as synthetic blend oil. At a lower price than full synthetic oil, it provides conventional oil with comparable performance and protection.

Completely synthetic oil

The most advanced type of oil currently available is fully synthetic. It is made with premium synthetic base oils and cutting-edge additives to offer superior protection and performance.

Type of oil for a 2018 Chevy Tahoe: Recommendations

Let’s talk about the recommended oil types for the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe now that we have a better understanding of the various types of oils out there:

Synthetic Blend Oil 5W-30

For the 2018 Chevy Tahoe, Chevrolet advises using 5W-30 synthetic blend oil. For the majority of driving conditions, this oil delivers good performance and protection.

Additionally, it complies with the dexos1® and API SN requirements, which are necessary for warranty protection.

Full synthetic 0W-20 oil

Choose 0W-20 full synthetic oil for your 2018 Chevy Tahoe if you want the best protection and performance possible.

While more expensive than synthetic blend oil, this oil provides better protection, particularly in very hot or very cold temperatures. Additionally, it complies with dexos1® and API SN requirements.

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Considerations for Picking the Right Oil

Now that we are aware of the suggested oil types for the 2018 Chevy Tahoe, let’s talk about some things to take into account when picking the proper oil for your SUV:

driving circumstances

Take into account the local weather and driving conditions. Use a lower viscosity oil, like 0W-20, for easier cold starts if you live in a cold climate.

Age and mileage of the car

The type of oil you ought to use can also depend on the age and mileage of your car. You might want to think about using high-mileage oil to prevent engine wear if your car has a lot of miles on it.

Recommended by OEM

Always refer to the owner’s manual of your car for the recommended oil type. The warranty can be void and engine damage can result from using the incorrect type of oil.

Oil Change Instructions: A Quick Guide

Let’s talk about how to change your oil now that you’ve chosen the proper oil for your 2018 Chevy Tahoe:

  • Under the car, look for the oil drain plug and take it off with a wrench.
  • Allow the oil to drain into a recycling container.
  • Replace the outdated oil filter with a fresh one.
  • Add the recommended amount of fresh oil to the engine.
  • Check the oil level after starting the engine.

What happens if you fail to alter the oil of your Chevrolet Tahoe in 2018? Chevy Tahoe?

Motor oil can also serve different functions and benefits It is also used for:

  • Guards engine components from corrosion. A component found in the majority of oil is specifically designed in reducing oxidation and preventing corrosion.
  • Maintains the engine clean in the 2018 Chevy Tahoe engine clean. This contrasts with keeping the engine operating at its highest efficiency. The oil picks up dirt and dust particles and transports them to the filter, where they are absorbed by the. This decreases the chance of dirt accumulation within the engine, creating damage to the engine.
  • In order to improve fuel efficiency. The more slipper parts of the engine, the less force is needed to move them and therefore less fuel is required by the engine.
  • Aids in cutting heat – apart from the explosions created through the ignition plug or gasoline, heat gets generated through friction between engine components. Excessive heat can cause significant damage to the engine’s parts. When oil circulates around the engine, heat is transferred to parts that are cooler. This process of dispersing heat ensures that there is no place in the engine that will get too hot.
  • Reduces the possibility of engine knocking. Since components, such as the pistons of your engine, do not touch the oil. It acts as a lubricant and keeps the components from touching. This can prevent problems and damage that can be caused by engine knocking.
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FAQ 2018 chevy Tahoe oil type

How many quarts of oil does a Chevy Tahoe take?

If your Tahoe with a 5.3 engine falls among the models manufactured between 2000 – 2014, don’t fret, its oil capacity is just 6 quarts. While the older Chevy Tahoe models consume 6qts of oil, these newer models from 2015 consume 8 quarts.

What kind of oil do you put in a Chevy 53?

There are just two types of engine oils recommended for vehicles with Chevy 5.3 engines. The oils are 5w30 and 0w20. GM Dexos-approved 5w30 oils are the best for your 1999 – 2013 Chevy 5.3 vehicles. However, the 2014 Chevy Suburban 5.3 and Tahoe 5.3 can use 5w30 oils, too.

What is the oil capacity of a Chevy Suburban?

The oil change intervals can be 12 months. If your Chevy Suburban falls within these years, the oil capacity is 8 quarts. Recommended viscosity is 0W-20. 3. Chevy Tahoe Your Chevy Tahoe SUV can take up to 8 quarts of oil depending on the year and engine model.

How much oil does a 2000 Chevy Silverado take?

Your 2000 Chevy Silverado can take a maximum of 6 quarts of oil, SAE 0W-20 or 0W-30. 2. Chevy Suburban Most 2000 – 2019 Chevy Suburban models come with a Chevy 5.3L engine.

Chevrolet Tahoe 2018 oil change

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To keep your 2018 Chevy Tahoe performing well and safeguard the engine, selecting the proper oil is crucial. Always check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended oil type, and when making your choice, keep in mind the factors covered in this article.

Your 2018 Chevy Tahoe will run reliably for many years with the right oil and routine maintenance. To keep your engine running smoothly and prevent expensive repairs, routine oil changes are also required.

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