2015 jeep cherokee sport oil type

Pat T. January 2, 2020. The 2015 Jeep Cherokee uses a full synthetic oil type with differences in viscosity. The 2.4L four cylinder engine runs on SAE 0W-20 and can hold up to 5.5 quarts. The 3.2L V6 takes SAE 5W-20 and holds 5.9 quarts. likeAlternative. Like. (1) accountCircle. George S October 22, 2020.

FAQ 2015 jeep cherokee sport oil type

What kind of oil does a 2015 Jeep Cherokee take?

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil is specially made for the extended oil change intervals recommended for your 2015 Jeep Cherokee 3.2L. It has advanced synthetic technology that resists chemical breakdown for maximum wear protection for your vehicle which is well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile oil change interval.

What’s the 2016 Jeep Cherokee oil capacity?

The average cost for a Jeep Cherokee lube and filter service averages $160-$170 in materials and labor. The oil capacity for 2016 Jeep Cherokee is different for each engine. The 2.4L I-4 can hold 5.5 quarts and 3.2L V6 engine holds 6 quarts. Both engines preferred oil type is an SAE 5W-20 synthetic blend.

How many quarts of oil does a Jeep Wrangler have?

The 3.2 l 6-cylinder is equipped with 5.9 US quarts of 5W-20. Jeep recommends oil and filter changes should be scheduled every 7,500-10,000 miles or 12 months if using fully synthetic lubricants, or every 3,000-5,000 miles or 6 months, if filling with conventional oil.

What’s the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Flash Point?

Flash Point: 435Deg. F You rely on your 2015 Jeep Cherokee to get you where you need to be every day, and the best thing you can do to keep your ride reliable is changing the oil regularly. Check out our selection of 2015 Jeep Cherokee oil types and find the right motor oil for you.

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