2008 toyota camry oil type [Update 2023]

Toyota Camry 2008 models are equipped with the 5W-30 engine oil, which provides optimal fuel efficiency. Toyota Camry 2 oil is recommended for use in 2008.

The power consumption of a 4L is 5W-20. Toyota Camry 2 oil capacity in 2008 4L is 4. There are five US quarts (4. There are 6 Liters and 3 Liters. Six quarts of water (four quarts).

Why should I choose to use Synthetic Oil?

It is evident that all of the suggested oils on the list are synthetic oils. Why is this? One reason is that certain lighter oils, for instance, 0W-16 oils, are only available in synthetic! However, in general, synthetic oil is superior for your engine because of these reasons:

  1. Synthetic oil lets your vehicle attain higher fuel efficiency. Since synthetic oil can be made to greater viscosity ratings as compared to conventional oil, it flows more easily, allowing the engine not to work as hard.
  2. Synthetic oils are also able to last longer between oil changes. This not only reduces your costs but also helps reduce consumption.
  3. Synthetic oils improve the longevity of engines. If everything else is identical it will last longer when synthetic oil is employed because synthetic oil isn’t broken down as fast as mineral oils.

Toyota Camry Recommended Oil by Year

The table below provides the recommended viscosity of oil for the Toyota Camry broken into the model year and year, between 2007 and 2021.

Camry Oil Viscosity
Year 2.4L (4-Cyl) 2.5L (4-Cyl) 3.5L (6-Cyl)
2021 0W-16 0W-20
2020 0W-16 0W-20
2019 0W-16 0W-20
2018 0W-16 0W-20
2017 0W-20 0W-20
2016 0W-20 0W-20
2015 0W-20 0W-20
2014 0W-20 0W-20
2013 0W-20 0W-20
2012 0W-20 0W-20
2011 0W-20 0W-20 5W-30
2010 0W-20 0W-20 5W-30
2009 0W-20 5W-30
2008 0W-20 5W-30
2007 0W-20 5W-30
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