2007 ford f150 oil type [Update 2023]

Ford F-150. Manufacturer: Ford. Model: Ford F-150. For the 2007 model year Ford F-150 we have found 6 trims and their corresponding recommended oil type.

Click on the name of the trim to open up the panel and learn more about the oil type, volume and change period.

Oil Type and Capacities for 2007 Ford F150 Engines

Engine Oil Type Oil Capacity Oil Filter
4.2 L V6 5W-20 6.0 q FL-400-S
4.6 L Triton V8 5W-20 6.0 q FL-820-S
5.4 L Triton V8 5W-20 7.0 q FL-820-S

How Much oil does the 2007 Ford F150 Take?

If you’re concerned about driving your car with no oil, it is best to review the owner’s guide. The manual will outline the capacity of your oil for the specific engine you have and will provide step-by step instructions for changing the oil. 

If you’re concerned that the oil will last for a long time You can purchase an oil that is of high-quality synthetic like Motorcraft. 

This kind of oil is a gasoline engine-specific oil that has been tested and is endorsed through both the API or ILSAC. In addition, it can protect the warranty of your vehicle and prolong the lifespan of your car.

If you’re wondering about how much oil for a 2007 Ford F150 takes, there are some things to be aware of. The most important thing to consider is the type of oil. 

In the case of this particular Ford F-150, you should select a motor oil that has SAE 5W-20. It will be recommended to all engines models and can improve the performance and efficiency of the engine. The capacity of oil is typically 6 quarts. 

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It is possible to find the suggested oil kind, size, and filter in the user’s manual. It is recommended that you make use of Motorcraft Oil of the Motorcraft brand.

FAQ 2007 ford f150 oil type

What is the 2007 Ford F150 oil type and capacity?

The 2007 Ford F-150 oil type and capacity iS5w20 and 6 quarts. Your oil needs to be changed out someday. Every 5,000 to 10,000 miles or so is a good rule of thumb. If You don’t replace it, there will be problems with the engine. Having high quality oil is essential for the engine to run smoothly.

What kind of oil does a Ford F-150 take?

Every engine in the F-150 for the last two generations (2004-2014) requires 5W-20, with one exception. If you have an F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, you need 5W-30 motor oil. Ford does not require that you to use a specific brand.

When to change the engine oil in a Ford F150?

The engine oil change is an activity that every ford F150 driver has to do after regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. It is essential for lubrication and the smooth running of the engine. What Kind of Oil Does a Ford F150 Take?

What type of brake fluid does the 2007 Ford F150 pick up use?

Motorcraft High Performance DOT 3 brake fluid, P/N PM-1-C or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSS-M6C65-A1. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for drivers who want the most from their 2007 Ford Trucks F150 PICKUP.

How to Change Oil and Filter Ford F-150 5.4L 2004-2008

2007 Ford F150 oil change and filters

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