1998 s 10 what type oil goes in strat drive transmission

• differential and drive axle oil (dry brakes, … (dry brakes, H40-70FT) = SAE 80W-90 or SAE 85W-140 • transmission oil (wet brakes, H40-70FT) = John Deere JDM J20C • wet brake axle (planetary housing oil, center section oil) = John Deere JDM J20C. For Hyster models S80FT, S100FT, S120FT, H80FT, H100FT, H120FT … engine oil type for hyster S50XM …

FAQ 1998 s 10 what type oil goes in strat drive transmission

What kind of oil do you use in a S10 transmission?

 Transmission FTS-10 / S10 FTS-13 / S13 All Standard MTF Gear Oil API GL-4 SAE 80W90 SAE 75W90 60,000 Km

How to change the transmission oil?

Capture the oil in a oil drain pan from the other hose. 4. Reconnect the coolant lines to the transmission, making sure lines are not crossed. 6 Transmission Fill Transmission Oil 1. Remove transmission oil fill plug. 2. Make sure drain plug is properly installed. 3. Fill with approved oil until the oil starts flowing out the fill hole. 4.

How much oil should be in the transmission fluid?

Make sure oil is level with filler opening. Because you can reach oil with your finger does not mean oil is at the proper level. One inch of oil level is about one gallon of oil. Drain transmission while oil is warm.

How do you drain the oil from a hydrostatic transmission?

A loose cap allows air to enter the oiling system, eliminating air vacuum and providing better oil flow drainage. Unscrew the hydrostatic transmission oil drain plugs with a socket wrench, and allow the transmission oil to fully drain. Screw the transmission oil drain plugs into the transmission.

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