09 F150 5.4 Oil Type [Update 2022] ❤️

The 2018-2020 F150 models with a 3.0 engine have an oil capacity of 6.5 US quarts, approx. 6.27 liters. [2018 – 2021] Ford F150 3.3 Oil Capacity Ford F150 pickup trucks with a 3.3L engine consume 6.0 US quarts of oil, approx. 5.7 liters. [2011 – 2020] Ford F150 3.5 Oil Capacity

Oil Type and Capacities for 2009 Ford F150 Engines

Engine  Oil Type Oil Capacity Oil Filter
4.6 L 2V V8 5W-20 6.0 q FL-820-S
4.6 L 3V V8 5W-20 6.0 q FL-820-S
5.4 L V8 5W-20 7.0 q FL-820-S

FAQ 09 f150 5.4 oil type

What type of oil does the 2009 Ford F150 use?

SAE 5W-20 oil provides optimum fuel economy and durability performance meeting all requirements for the 2009 Ford F-150. The oil capacity for the 4.6L engine is 6.0 quarts and the 5.4L engine oil is 7.0 quarts. Open hood. Sticker underneath

What kind of oil does the 2001 Ford F150 take?

The 2001 Ford F150 5.4 oil type is 5W-20 as well, but some prefer 5W-30 for it. How Much Is the Oil Capacity? Make sure you purchase the right quantity of oil for your engine.

What kind of oil does a 2014 Ford F-150 take?

Pro Tip. Every engine in the F-150 for the last two generations (2004-2014) requires 5W-20, with one exception. If you have an F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, you need 5W-30 motor oil.

How many quarts of oil does a 2010 Ford F150 take?

For example, 5W-20 is recommended 2010 F150 5.4 oil types and the capacity is 7 quarts. The F150 with a 5.4L Triton from the model year 1997-2003 requires 6 quarts, and the 2004-2010 model year engines require 7 quarts of oil.

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