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2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Oil Type 2007-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser Oil Capacity. 4.0L 6-cyl 1GR-FE engine: Oil capacity with filter: 5.5 quarts (5.3 liters); Oil Type: 5W-30; Oil change intervals: 10,000 miles (16,000 km) or 12 months. Oil Drain Plug Torque: 30 ft/lbs.

FAQ 07 fj cruiser oil type

How much oil does a Toyota FJ Cruiser take?

How Much Oil Does a Toyota FJ Cruiser Take? 4.0L 6-cyl Toyota FJ Cruiser takes 6.4 quarts (6.1 liters) of 0W-20 oil with filter. Toyota recommends that you use Toyota Genuine 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Do you use the same oil filter as the FJ Cruiser?

I bought a big box of toyota oil filters from the dealer since they said the fj cruiser and 40 use the same one. I figured I would start changing my own oil since a 100 for an oil change is a lot. What oil do you use? Which brand and weight and oil filter, mileage between changes and your total mileage.

What type of oil do you use in your FJ?

We generally use 5W-30 Royal Purple and a Wix oil filter. In fact all fluids on the shop FJ (besides the tranny) are Royal Purple.

What makes the Toyota FJ Cruiser so popular?

Toyota has worked closely with Toyota Racing Development to get the most out of this vehicle’s power plant by improving horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is also known for being able to go on any terrain from snow to sand without giving up or slowing down.

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How to Change Oil 07-14 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2007 FJ Cruiser Oil Change

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